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"Will there be tummy rubs in Heaven, Mom?"
A puppy asked so sweetly.
"Oh sure, my boy! Of course there will!
They pamper you completely!"

His mother gazed into his eyes...
And gave an answer, true and wise.
"I hear the angels take good care...
Of all the dogs and puppies there..."

"They welcome you with open arms!
And keep you safe and free from harm.
You never need to wait in line...
They'll rub your tummy anytime!"

"They're very friendly... You just ask...
'Could you please give my ears a scratch?'
And there's no fleas or stuff like that..."

"And every angel understands...
That dogs need love and gentle hands...
So fear not, my son, you won't be snubbed!
And yes... you'll get your tummy rubbed!!"

~Author Josh Wilstermann~
Hopkins, Minnesota

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