On the World Wide Woof!






I am a real ham for the camera, as are most of my cousins and friends. Here are some pictures of us hard at work posing for the camera.

This is me.  Not bad for a Cocker Spaniel.



Here is Abbe on Mom Melissa's couch. 


 First haircuts can be a drag, but I had fun thanks to Gabe!


Here are my cousins Copper, Madison and Oliver.




Oliver lives in Texas, where everything is big (except for Italian Greyhounds--they are little and cute as a button.)





Here is Oliver's new little brother, Milo.





Here are my cousins from New Jersey, Katie, Jefferson and Duffy. Are they spoiled or what?  I wish my Mom would let me sleep on the couch!  Pictures of Ulysses and Orangie are yet to come (hint, Aunt Anne).




I have two fat cat cousins from Manhattan who are about as spoiled as they get--they have an outdoor terrace overlooking the East River in the City and a house in the country.  Did they luck out or what? They are named Dryfus and Clouseau and here they are.




Here is my friend, Bucky, isn't he cute?

    He is also a dual-citizenship puppy.






This is Chrissy's dog, Molly, who lives with Chrissy and Tippsy the cat, who is also here.  





Tippsy also models for Village Critter Outfitter with me.  We work very, very hard.





I also have a little friend who is a ferret named Chewy.  He lives with Michael and Daniel--isn't he darling?  Since Michael and Daniel's Dad is a dentist, Chewy's teeth are in great shape--not that he will be biting me soon!  He does look like great fun to chase around the house!




I have great cousins who live in Wisconsin, where they are spoiled and snuggled up on either Aunt Debbie's or Grandma's couch, missing Nicki who is away at school.   They are Bo, Ti and Dolly.






I also know another Molly, who is Aunt Carol's little darling.  Aunt Carol found Molly wandering the streets of Stamford back in April of 1993 when she was only three months old.  As you can see, she is a beautiful, healthy dog, spoiled as can be--she could not have had any better fate than to be Aunt Carol's little (well, maybe not so little) baby!




Molly has two cousins, named Miss Mia Anabelle and Miss Precious who are cats.  Their mom had a mini-schnauzer named Schultz before the girls came into her life, and after he passed away, she never thought she could love another critter that much.  Guess what?  Miss Precious came along and changed all that.  Miss Mia Anabelle came along a year later from a very mean home, but her new mom and dad have spoiled her and given her lots of LTC, and she is now doing just fine.  Miss Mia Anabelle is a little more spoiled than Miss Precious, and gets away with a lot more than Miss Precious, but Miss Precious understands her extra needs and happily shares her mom, dad and home.




I have another friend who is a beautiful golden named Murphy.  He was born on May 16, 1999, but as you can see from the look on his face, he is still a puppy, and gets into lots of trouble. 






I also have two little friends named Taco (the black pup) and Sparky (the tan pup).  They are brothers and their Mom, Sonya, got them when they were just four weeks old.  They are now three and one-half years old, and look pretty darn spoiled on those beds!!





I also have a great friend named Jax, who is a Pit Bull, but a real sweetheart, as you can see.




Here is my friend Bella when she was a puppy.  My Mom met Bella's Mom on the train into the City one morning where my Mom was reading a dog training book, Bella's Mom noticed and they started talking about their wonderful dogs.





My friend Sundance, who is a handsome Cocker that I met the vet's office one day, had a wonderful Halloween with his family and sent me this picture.  Way to go, Frankenstein!!  Much more handsome than Boris Karloff!





I also got an e-mail from Sammi's Dad including this picture of Sammi.  She looks like a woman with a purpose--getting some food from her Dad possibly?  You go girl!!  We ladies have to stick together!


Thanks for all your e-mails to my mom trying to lobby on my behalf about being allowed on the couch.  Nonetheless, I am still stuck in a dog bed!  And I even work for a living, trying on clothes and boots and what-not-all!  Now mom has me tracking and swimming, running around with sheep and horses, and I am exhausted!  I work harder than a dog! 


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