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I got a job modeling critter clothes for the local pet store, where my Mom is working on the web site.  A little nepotism never hurt anyone! 

I was again on Aunt Laurens t.v. show, this time modeling hats.  Here I am practicing keeping it on my head.




Then I had a little photo-shoot at the beach with Aunt Deborah--what fun but the water was quite cold!

Aunt Deborah did another photo shoot with me, and boy, did she get some great shots!!



The best thing about this job is that I met this handsome Golden named James at work.  I keep trying to flirt with him but he treats me like a kid.  I am growing up, and maybe he will notice me soon.  Don't we look sensational together?



The worst thing about my job was modeling these boots--for a nickel I would have thrown in the whole towel. What a girl has to do to make it in this world today!