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Why Dogs Go Out


We are proud to be American Cocker Spaniels!!!!


Bevo, my new boyfriend, owns Holly

Daffney, who owns Cheryl


Hondo, who owns Genene


Shawna, who owns Kim (OH)

Simba, who owns Kim (OH)

Sadie, who owns Kim (OH)

Tybee, who owns Gina (FL)


Chauncy, who owns Ship

Gabby, who owns Manuel (MI)


Bas, who owns Jenn

Ginger, who owns Barb

Dallas and Diesel, who own Krys

Hannah, who owns Anita

Barkley and Elmo, who own Susan

Bojangles, who owns Rhonda (IL)

Bodie, who owns Bobbie

Sandee, who owns Kala (OK)

Scooter, who owns Deborah (CA)

Leroy and Abi, who own Juanita(TX)

Missy, Jackson and Jennifer, who own Susan

Copper, who owns Tony, Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob (MD)